Do you make the cut?

"I just want to be Wide as hell and on the floor" (Daniel. 5:69. The New testaMENT: The car Bible)

4y ago

So you're into modified cars but you don't have the money to commit to a build! You scroll through Instagram and go to shows and see all the mad sh*t that goes on and you just don't have the money to cater for your mad obsession! WELL FEAR NO MORE. Here at Broke Boys we take on car lovers who can't afford to modify the extent they would like to. We love ourselves a hammer and a couple of cable ties to successfully finish off a job. For you to truly understand us I need to map this out for you! IF I HAVE GRABBED YOUR ATTENTION... READ ON ;)

Charlie Brown Photography

Charlie Brown Photography

DO YOU MAKE THE CUT!? WELL... if we are honest... EVERYONE MAKES THE CUT! Don't even let the boy bit put you off... we accept girls too! It doesn't matter if you are starting out, half way there or fully knee deep in mods...WE HAVE AN EXPENSIVE HOBBY AND USUALLY IT LEAVES US BROKE! So for us it all started in 2014. We attended a car show in Kent and fell in love with everything we saw. Yeah, sure, it was an enjoyable day... but I went home wishing I had a car like the ones I had seen. So, it got us thinking. When you go to a show there are anywhere between 100-500 cars on display BUT... their are triple the amount of cars in the car park outside. That means that they either weren't excepted in to the show or turned up because their car isn't in a "show worthy" condition yet! NOW THAT IS A HELLA AMOUNT OF ENTHUSIASTS TO NEGLECT! It's like being the kid at school with the rich parents and walking in with the latest stuff. Everyone wanted kickers and a JUST DO IT BAG (well that was the thing in London) but we personally wasn't hating on the kid wearing Diadora's and the same draw string bag he takes Scouts on a Thursday night. THERE WAS NO NEED! And the same rule applies for modified cars. So we get back to a friends house and start talking about the idea. "Why don't we start our own group!?" "But we ain't got no money so the only enthusiast group that we can start has gotta be called BROKE BOYS"... and that is where it all began!

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