13w ago
Do you prefer analog or digital speedometers? Write your reason in the comments.

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Comments (13)

  • Analog. Although I also like digital speedometers from the 90s

      3 months ago
  • My digital speedometer is dying so analog

      3 months ago
  • Analog I love to see revving it

      3 months ago
  • Digital all the way

    You can change mph and kph you can have different themes

    Eg If you're driving through the city you might want a small rev counter and a decently large speedometer

    If you're endurance racing you need all the gauges

    Its modular so its better

      3 months ago
  • I'd say in general, digital. It's 2021 bruv, I know all the chip shortage shits that happened, but come on, you expect pretty much every car to come with a full digital screen. However, I personally really like Porsche's approach - analog rev counter and everything else digital. That's cool.

      3 months ago