Do you think Formula E cars are good looking?

3w ago


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We like a bit of Formula E at DriveTribe but something that is certainly divisive about the series is the look of the cars. Are you a fan of the new, striking Season 5 cars? Do they resemble good looking racing cars to you? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • whats the piont of F1 then . if your ears arent ringing with pain and your voice isnt sore from all the yelling

    4 days ago
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  • Formula E cars are like that nice girl that your going to pick up at her house for a blind date. She's sensible, dresses adequately, reminiscent of a librarian or accountant. She likes to try new things but doesn't really like it when you excessively speed and definitely is not impressed by a perfectly executed "hand-brake" turn.

    Then, as you ring the doorbell, you're greeted by her super hot gym-rat sister in athletic tights and comfortably worn in Ramones t-shirt and her name is F1.......

    9 days ago
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