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Do you think that Automotive manufacturers are adding too many features to cars today?

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  • Instead of a car, we're driving a computer on wheels nowadays. Last time I went to my local garage, they weren't able to fix the problem because only Volvo can read the computer inside the car!! And that car is 13 years old!!!! That can't be what we want. It is against small garages - for monopolism. I remember my mother's friend's husband tinkering with his cars, and my neighbour, too, and almost everybody. Or if you had a problem on the motorway, there were many things YOU COULD DO YOURSELF to solve the problem - depending on the problem, of course. Nowadays, if it is motor- or electronics-connected, not even the AA guy can help you - you'll always have to get your car transported to the next garage.

    Not good.

      3 months ago
    • Anna, thank you for your comment. This was the kind of feedback that I was expecting. The fact that cars have become so computerized was driven by the need to create efficiencies in performance, safety, fuel economy, etc. There are upsides...

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        3 months ago