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44w ago

I made another article that shows how to make renders but that one became outdated. I use a new method now, so, if you wanna make some cool shooting brake renders, then this is your article! I use Pixlr as it's free and online, so I recommend using that. I've chosen a fairly simple render for this article- the LaFerrari Touring!

So, first of all, you wanna have a good picture of your base car, whichever angle you prefer as long as you have the hatch for your shooting brake in the same angle.

Then you want the shooting brake part, for which I've used the Vanquish Zagato.

Now, fit it to size. After this is done, cut, using the "Lasso Cut" option, the part of the shooting brake you want to add to the car.

Now, this is a bit rough as of now, but we'll fix that using the "Draw Cutout" option. So, using the brush, chop off the hanging parts. Done? Cool. Now, go to the "Move" section and switch off "Lock Aspect". After this, just adjust it so that it fits perfectly with the roofline and your desired shape.

After adjusting it, select "Blend Mode" and go to the "Luminosity" option. This should match the colours somewhat, but if it doesn't then, just undo it and you'll be fine. In this render, the colours are pretty close matching so there isn't a problem, but should you encounter a colour difference problem, go to the "Adjust" section and change the "Hue" to get the closest colour possible. If it's lighter than the body colour, then go to the "Retouch" section, choose "Dodge/Burn" then "Darken" to darken the layer with the hatch and vice versa if it's darker than the body colour, just choose "Lighten" and lighten it till you achieve the perfect result. Then, merge the layers by clicking the three dots on the layers, and selecting the "Merge Down" button. After this, well, just save it and, voila! Your render's done!

Now, I should warn you that this was, frankly, an easy render. In fact, any render can be easy provided you have the right pictures! You can even use some shooting brake renders that are available online to get the hatch parts, just not of the same car. There's even the Liquify option which you can use, but I'm not fully an expert at it yet, so I can't teach you that.

Also, I've made this render before, but I forgot the photo of the Vanquish which I used in the previous, so I had to use a different one.

My original LaFerrari Touring.

My original LaFerrari Touring.

Welp, anyways, good luck to you all! Hope you make some good renders with the help of this guide! Cyao!

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