Do you want to go on a long ride with your EV?

An address for the development of Indian villages. My personal encounter when I drove an EV in the village in a comic way.

6w ago

Being an owner of the world’s best EV (sarcastically) constraints me to find the best weekend spot within a specific range with charging points also in consideration. So, when I decided to celebrate my weekend with some country side chilling, I never knew it would be a disaster.

Everything was calculated. My car, Mahindra E2O gave 120kms of range. And thus, I opted to go to a lake side resort which was 70kms and had mentioned they had a charging point. But as I am an overthinker in case of girls and not in case of autos, I never thought about the worst-case scenario that can happen.

The road to the destination was endurance test for the vehicle. There were long highways, narrow straights, hill climb, gravel, blind turns and off-roading. I thought I would need a spare tire and probably the suspension would break. But E2O has the same blood flowing as that of Mahindra Scorpio and Bolero and we never broke anything. Still when I was 5kms away from the resort I approximated the screen would show me a range of about 35kms considering losses. But what I was seeing was 8kms range. Now after watching this I was furiously asking my brother whose sitting next to me “Do you know any Tow truck guy here in this nowhere?”. This was my first instance when I thought ‘we should never take a trip in an EV to a village.’. Still, we reached the destination. We were relieved on reaching. But as Jeremy Clarkson says ‘what worse can happen?’.

When we demanded for a charging point, the person in charge was baffled and thought we were saying some alien language demanding some outer space things for our unidentified space vehicle. Then in common language we asked for a refrigerator plug or an AC plug or a 15A plug. He showed us the plug to the halogen light which illuminated the title of their resort. So, now Green Life resort was in darkness because of an EV. Still what worse can happen?

After we entered the resort the tube lights were flickering. We asked the in charge about flickers. It took us 30 minutes until we realized that our 16kWh vehicle is consuming electricity of the whole village. That didn’t let me sleep well, not because I was consuming some poor lads’ electricity but because now AC was not working in my room. Still what worse can happen?

We kept charging the EV full night due to fluctuations. Still the battery indicator showed a charging of 75% in the morning. So, we kept the charging on and left for some breakfast. After the breakfast when we checked the charging, we were flabbergasted to see the charging was 92% within what 20 mins or so. We immediately started our journey home. But the thing is that fluctuated charging had disturbed and disrupted the software of the vehicle. The screen which showed 92% was actually 76% and we didn’t know. Still, we were able conquer the hard bits of off-roading and only highways were the remainder. Suddenly the soaring highways of 100kmph were having a yellow spot slowing all the traffic. Finally we had the breakdown at what it showed 32% charging and 45km of range.

After all this I had 2 conclusions.

1. Mahindra E2O are not just a city car. They are also good on rough roads.

2. But still don’t drive an EV to a country side, for at least 5 years until EVs become familiar.

Still what worse can happen? Worse was yet to come, when we towed our vehicle to a tow truck and our experience with the tow truck in the next article.

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