Do you watch the "YouTubers"?

How many of you regularly watch the videos produced by the car-mad YouTubers?

3y ago

"Moooooorning! Hi guys, welcome back to the vlog. Today, we're in the Austrian Alps and we're testing the new...." whatever!

I'm sure you're all familiar with the automotive YouTubers, the guys (and occasionally girls) who produce car-related content for their YouTube channels. Some of them even have Tribes on this wonderful forum. I discovered these channels a year or so ago, and at first I thought they were brilliant. These guys were either swanning around exotic locations looking for exotic cars while looking distinctly un-exotic themselves.

The trouble was, they were all doing the same thing - filming exotic cars.

Getting Rich

YouTube being what it is, when you have enough people liking your content and subscribing to your channel, YouTube starts paying you. And some of these guys got paid rather a lot of money. So much money, in fact, that they started buying exotic cars of their own - McLarens, Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and more. The clever ones - or the fortunately popular ones - were even able to afford more than one car; some a whole fleet of cars. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.

The trouble was, they were all doing the same thing - buying exotic cars.

The current 'recipe'

Right now, the recipe for content creation seems to be as follows :

Buy an exotic car and film how excited you are about collecting it. Film the collection. Film yourself walking round the car talking about "the spec" (you know, the colour and what bits are made of carbon and stuff). Take the car on a trip. Film yourself talking about the car and what gadgets you like or don't like. Think of 5 things you "LOVE" about your new car and film yourself talking about them. Think of 5 things you "HATE" about your new car and film yourself talking about them. Despite the face that you have ordered your car in a specific colour, you should now change the colour by adding a garish 'wrap' to the paintwork. Film this process. Film how excited you are when the wrapping is finished. Fit an aftermarket exhaust and film yourself making "Cor!" noises when you start the engine...

You get the picture.

The trouble is, they are all doing the same thing - talking about their exotic cars. Is this what car ownership is really all about these days - whether you have carbon door mirrors and diffuser? Do these guys even know how a diffuser works?

I am bored

I am, in fact, so bored by the sameness of it all, that I have stopped watching them, and unfollowed them all (except one). Instead I am drawn towards those channels that actually do proper reviews. Unpretentious people who actually know how to drive, and can explain the nuances of each car they drive.

What do you think? Am I being harsh? Am I missing something? Or do you agree?

What is your favourite car-related channel (apart from Drivetribe obviously)?

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