Dockhunter: Spontaneous Camera Phone Shooting

42w ago


Last Sunday Port Elizabeth lived up to its name of the "Windy City", with howling winds causing some unpleasantness. But more concerningly, my Panda 100HP was getting its paintwork attacked. Having spent several hours right on the beachfront, it was covered with 100grit sandpaper grade granules.

Before purchasing my quirk-box, I did a decent amount of reading and research to see what the common issues/faults there are with 100HPs and 169 Pandas. Paintwork was one of them, being criticised for its thin coating and prone to stone chips. I can vouch, first hand that it is a real issue. Albeit minor, I have a small spot on my roof where the clear coat has somewhat disintergrated, and my bonnet is pretty much littered with stone chips.

Paint is thinly applied from the factory, so expect plenty of stone chips and signs of them being touched up.


So hence my concern when my Fiat grade painwork, in black no less, had started under going PE's exfoliating treatment. The trip to work, highways included, was unable blow the sand off and out of all the crevaces it creeped into, so straight after I went to my local valet. A slightly deeper reach into the pockets was needed when opting for a hand polish, but well worth it for a bit of paint protection and shine.


Being down the road from Port Elizabeth's famous harbour (hence the name of the town), I've being dying to take a drive through the dockyards for a 100HP photoshoot. The only issue being that my pride and joy is usually clean for all of 2 hours of the month, and my DSLR has recently bombed out, requiring some camera phone enginuity.

Overcast weather, polished car & a dirty dockyard, you can see where this was going.



I currently have a Huawei P9, which has a dual Leica lens and can shoot up to 12 megapixels. It's no DSLR by any stretch of the imagination, and depth of field and vibrance are sorely lacking, but for the odd quick pic, it's perfectly usable.

Significant editing and filters required.

-Moment of reflection ;)

Consent was not given for all the people in the photo. Oh well.

Handles like it's on rails ;)

Semi-visable stone chips.

Low light = grain, unfortunately.

And lastly, abandoned backroads, tall walls (echoing surfaces), and a part straight-piped 16 valve....I'd be a fool not to act like a bit of a hooligan!

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