- The Dodge 3700 GT Boulevar Coupè ( Photo Credits : www.WheelsAge.org )


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Since 1965 the Spanish company Barreiros has been involved in the production of the Iberian variant of the Dodge Dart, ie the 3700. This model adopted different style's and motor's solutions compared to the American variant, and in 1972 Barreiros took the decision to dare for something more.

Pedro Serra, main designer of 3700 GT ( Photo Credits : www.revistacar.es )

In fact, the coachbuilder Pedro Serra was contacted to design a muscle car variant of the 3700. This is how the 3700 GT Boulevard Coupé was born, powered by a Chrysler Slant Six MM30 3.6 engine with a power of 175 hp.

The Chrysler Slant Six MM30 engine ( Photo Credits : www.autopista.es )

Managed by a four-speed manual transmission combined with rear-wheel drive, the Boulevard Coupé was able to reach a top speed of 175 km/h.

Despite being a good project with an initial launching production of 50 units, the Dodge was, unfortunately, a flop.

The interior ( Photo Credits : www.autopista.es )

Due to great difficulties in actually constructing the vehicle, Bairreros could only produce 18 units. The company couldn't even finish the first scheduled production.

Being such a rarity, it's not possible to make precise price evaluation of the car, which would be also tied to its undoubted historical importance.

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