Dodge boss clarifies what's really happening with the SRT

What's gonna happen with SRT?

Not too long ago, FCA and PSA merged to form Stellantis, one of the largest car groups in the world. The potential is huge but there's still a lot of work to do because some of the brands under Stellantis' giant umbrella are underdeveloped.

We can expect several major internal changes in the future and in a recent interview with Autoweek, Dodge boss Tim Kuniskis confirmed that SRT (Street & Racing Technology division), sub division of Dodge, is one of the brands that will benefit from the company's ambitious plan.

Kuniskis said SRT is to Dodge what M and AMG are to BMW and Mercedes respectively. High-performance and range-topping Dodge models will receive the SRT treatment and performance is and always will be a priority, even with electrification.

I don't know what lies ahead for Stellantis but I think they should do what VW Group is doing. Each brand under VW's wing has its own personality traits and a clear brand identity, which is still a major issue for some of the brands owned by Stellantis, especially the companies that were part of FCA.

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