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    Dodge Charger has the biggest horsepower gap between the base and highest trim

    The 292 hp all the way to 797 hp

    1w ago


    The Dodge Charger may have a world record no one has ever taken note of.

    The Dodge Charger SXT is Dodge's cheapest Charger, coming in at $29,995. For that price you get a 3.6 liter V6 engine pushing out 292 horsepower. On the other side of the model trim range is the Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye which for the price of nearly 3x SXT's ($80,090) gives the owner 797 horsepower coming from a supercharged V8 engine.



    What that gives you is a horsepower difference of 505 horsepower between the base trim and the highest trim. To put that in perspective, there are brand new supercars that do not even have 500 horsepower.

    The only other vehicle that comes close to that horsepower difference is made by Dodge as well. The Charger's brother Dodge Challenger's top trim level also has 797 horsepower, but in the race to the bottom the base trim of the Challenger puts out 305 horsepower. Not as low as the Charger.

    I told you #1 and its brother in the second place spot, I challenge you to find some other vehicles that have a serious horsepower difference between the base trim and the highest trim. Drop your ideas in the comments below!

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    • The more you know...🌈🌟

        12 days ago
    • 2020 yaris. Not USA but worldwide 1.0l with 66hp to the 1.6T with 268

      I'll never forget the time this 20yo came in with a sxt and started acting like a baller telling me the price he was going to pay for an item.

        9 days ago
    • The redeye is so much fun to drive.

        9 days ago
    • Does the cupholder size increase too?!

        9 days ago
    • Mustang goes from 310-760, not quite as big a gap for sure

        12 days ago


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