Dodge is still selling brand new Vipers

If you're looking for a completely new front-engined V10 sportscar, this might be your last chance

After multiple attempts to revive it, production of the Dodge Viper was eventually discontinued in late 2016 and yet, amazingly, brand new Vipers are still being sold in the US. Nineteen Vipers were sold in 2018 and five more were sold in 2019 and, this is the most interesting part, two new Vipers were sold in the third quarter of 2020. As things stand, there are still a few models available for sale.

It's hard to tell why or how. Maybe dealers were struggling to find buyers or maybe they'd jacked up the price a bit or maybe they simply stored them in the showroom hoping to see the value go up. Or maybe they just wanted to keep them there to make it look good.

The Viper had a $90k price tag when it was still in production but I'm guessing dealers are now either looking to get whatever they can if they're in trouble, or waiting for the right buyer if they aren't. Furthermore, Dodge doesn't want customers to search the dealer network for new Vipers, which inevitably helped third-party car shops in the grey market to do what they wanted with the price. Four Dodge Vipers with under 500 miles on the clock were recently put on sale with prices ranging from $190k to $215k.

I've always loved the Viper. The long hood and the enormous engine that lives under it. The muscular, aggressive shape. Unfortunately, I believe we're not gonna get a successor any time soon and if and when we do get it, it's probably going to be electric. Sign of the times.

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Comments (11)

  • I thought some speed company was going to continue making new ones. ACR, perhaps?

      5 months ago
  • We have a local dealer that has had two parked outside for ages. Not sure if they are new but they have been parked outside for so long that they must be showing considerable lot wear regardless.

      5 months ago
  • Viper is fun and all but it’s not worry 200k. Not even for acr

      5 months ago