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Dodge keeps selling brand-new Vipers

And this, two years after the shutdown of production

1y ago

The production of the Dodge Viper stopped about two and a half years ago. In fact, the last unit sold at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale in 2018 for over $1 million along with the last Dodge Challenger Demon. Last year, however, Dodge sold a few more new Vipers.

A few months before the end of the Viper's production, some Dodge dealers had placed large orders in order to build up inventory. These stocks consisted mainly of the latest and most radical limited editions such as the Viper ACR. That's enough to satisfy customers who still want to buy a brand-new Viper this year!

We don't know how many new Vipers are still sitting in the parking lots of American and Canadian dealerships. It doesn't matter, because the inclusion of models sold last year shows that there are still new models of the V10 sports car. These are likely to trade in at high prices.

According to FCA, Dodge has sold 5 units of the Dodge Viper in 2019. We don't know which versions were sold in which states. In any case, it's a very anecdotal figure, especially when compared to the 19 units sold in 2018 and the 585 units sold in 2017. The best selling year was 2014 for the fifth-generation Viper, with 760 units sold.

Photo credits Dodge

Photo credits Dodge

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Comments (3)

  • The words "new old stock" are like magic for any collector.

      1 year ago
  • They have a reason to make more vipers, people want more! Especially Dodge fans such as myself.

      1 year ago
  • I know where one could buy the first Viper ACR test mule #00001. The company that has it isn’t selling it yet tho

      1 year ago