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Dodge Rolls Out New Drag Pak for 50 Lucky People

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At the 2019 SEMA show, Dodge has unveiled the new Drag Pak. Only 50 of these special cars will be made, with plaques on the inside with the serial number.

This monster of a car is powered by a 354 cubic inch V8 paired with a manually-shifted auto axle with a 9" rear stick axle. Dodge won't reveal how much power it's making, but Hot Rod Magazine claims it's making 1500 horsepower. That's an insane number.

It does wheelies. Insane wheelies.

For all you drag racing people out there, yes, this car is legal for the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) Stock, and Super Stock and NMCA (National Mucscle Car Association) leagues. Additionally, it is eligible for the SAMtech.edu Factory Stock Showdown. The FCA media page says that the car is "loaded with suspension and chassis upgrades." I believe them on that one because this car looks crazy.

The roll cage inside of the new Drag Pak helps cars run 7.5s quarter miles, and that figure is certified by the National Hot Rod Association. The wheels are lightweight (obviously) aluminum Weld Racing wheels surrounded with Micky Thompon slicks. The rear suspension is a custom 4 link system.

Unfortunately, we probably won't see any of these cars blasting other drag cars out of the water since only 50 of them are being made, meaning that most all of them will be driven out of the trailer and into the garage (if that), and then kept there forever, while mopar enthusiasts all over the world long to see that awesome livery.

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  • I would love to see some well written articles.

    4 days ago
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  • I would love to see this race the new Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake

    8 days ago
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    • That would be an interesting race

      8 days ago
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    • The dodge would win, the gt500 is dope, but this is just so specialized for drag racing I don’t think there would be that much competition.

      4 days ago
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