Dodge should make this track-focused Challenger

This render could become a serious weapon

1y ago

The demand for American performance cars never ends, and rightly so. Every true petrolhead gets sweaty pals at the thought of so true muscle car magic. The render that is pictured above from 'Abimelec Design' which they shared on Facebook is the true definition of a track focused muscle car.

The adjustable front lip spoiler and vented hood, coupled with the removal of the headlights and sections of the grille for more efficient air-cooling make this render look absolutely lethal.

The front is painted black, which is in contrast to the rest of the car finished in grey. This colour combination makes the car look even more wild.

That rear wing would produce some insane amount of downforce

That rear wing would produce some insane amount of downforce

Fortunately enough Abimelec Design has taken out time to share his ideas about this render. "I love Hellcats, and its not a car that you usually see in time attack dress so I figured it would be a cool way to close off 2019", says Abimelec.

When asked about the inspiration for this render, Abimelec said, "It is heavily inspired by Aaron Beck's Plymouth Barracuda and the 1968 Dart HEMI with the fibreglass front end. I took the grille out and the headlights to aid the sinister look. Inspiration also came from my friends at Wesley Motorsport who actually raced a Time Attack Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye at the Gridlife series of events and Pikes Peak in 2019".

Abimelec dreams that one day Dodge would make this render. He said, "Let's imagine its powered by the Hellephant engine, the 426 cubic inch aluminium block, 1000hp, 900ft/lbs of torque Mopar Monster." Woof, if Abimelec's ideas are followed by Dodge then we will have a very wild Dodge Challenger soon.

The work though is not done and there is some tinkering to do according to Abimelec. "I also want to make a bit more extreme version eventually, with better aero and perhaps a more battered look", said Abimelec Design.

To check out Abimelec Design on Facebook, click on the link below:

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Comments (7)

  • They are working on a Challenger ACR so yeah hopefully it will have lots of aero and look like the one in the article

      1 year ago
    • Was going to post same. Aluminum block is what it really needs.

        1 year ago
  • It can’t be a track car it’s a yacht

      1 year ago
  • I can see it now. This will be Dom's next car in the F&F franchise.

      1 year ago
  • If they were to make it, the wing would need to be less extreme and the car would need to be at least a little practical for the road. I love it, but an unexperienced person driving a 1000hp Challenger with penny-width wheel fitment won’t end well

      1 year ago