D​odgy Bon: Part 2 of 2: Adventures in Turning a Hot Wheels Dajiban Back To Stock

A​nother quality "un-customization", this time of a much loved Ryu Asada creation

R​ead Part 1 here:

S​tarting back on this project, I will show my masking job on the glass insert. I'm becoming quite adept at working with 3M blue painter's tape (more on that later), and this was such a good job of masking that there was no bleedthrough whatsoever.

D​etailing out my paint job was straightforward, and reassembling the diecast wasn't complicated either, even with the massive amount of work I did on the diecast.

A​ll in all, this turned out decent. But I'm not the happiest with the grille, and not only regret the "dealer installed" side/rear trim, but the smudge under the right headlight & that I didn't mask off the body to put just one line of side trim per side on it; I'll likely strip the ZAMAC part of this model and redo it in the same color, with an update to be posted on the #liveandletdiecast Tribe.

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