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Does a bigger radiator actually do anything for your car?

Donut's Zach Jobe tries his best to get you the answer.

3w ago



We have covered Donut's Money Pit series pretty frequently. Host Zach Jobe fits his daily driver Mazda Miata to help you determine if typical enthusiast upgrades are actually worth it. For the most recent episode of Money Pit, Jobe covers radiators by upgrading his stock radiator with a nice Koyorad one.

For the details on how the install when and what Jobe's thoughts are on the upgraded radiator be sure to check out Donut's video above!

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Comments (4)

  • If your car operates without issue then no.

    If you operate outside of normal parameters then yes. For example, if you live in Death Valley or you tow heavy trailers up mountains.

      24 days ago
  • Yes if u bored and stroke a motor it's best to go with a bigger one so it can definitely cool it down.

      24 days ago
  • 2 rows of cores is the max you need but going to a dual pass helps and the more coolant volume the better, but than you need to get into air flow and types of coolant , good old h2O still has the best cooling properties but has the other down falls

      24 days ago
  • More cores do.

      25 days ago


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