Does anyone buy a new Nissan Leaf?

NISSAN Leaf named ‘BEST USED ELECTRIC CAR’ in Driving Electric Awards 2020

Here in NZ, it's actually quite hard to get a brand new Nissan Leaf, so the role of used imports is paramount should you desire one of these popular EVs. However, it looks like we're not alone. When it comes to grabbing a Leaf, 'USED' is a term used very frequently.

The Nissan LEAF (2018>) has been named the ‘Best Used Electric Car’ in the Driving Electric 2020 Awards which celebrate the best hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars on sale today.

Vicky Parrott, associate editor, DrivingElectric said; "As you might expect from the world's best-selling electric car, there's no shortage of examples on the used market. They represent superb value for money, and buyers will enjoy a spacious and comfortable car that's easy to live with. It's the perfect affordable entry into the world of electric cars."

James Bird, LEAF product manager, Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd. added; “We’re delighted by this latest award win for the Nissan LEAF which reinforces the car’s position as not just the first EV of choice for new car buyers, but also the thousands of used car purchasers making the switch to electric. More good news for those buyers is thanks to the demand for second-hand EVs, such as the LEAF, means they hold their value better than almost any other market segment.”

Since Nissan launched the first-generation LEAF in 2010, creating the first mass-market electric vehicle, EV technology has continually improved, with the latest models both affordable and practical for the vast majority of car buyers.

The second-generation LEAF, launched in 2018, is the icon of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility strategy; featuring driving assistance technologies such as ProPILOT and ProPILOT Park, and the unique e-Pedal which allows drivers to start, accelerate and decelerate to a complete stop simply through the operation of one pedal.

Customers also benefit from Nissan’s new NissanConnect infotainment system, with larger 8” touchscreen and Apple CarPlay® and AndroidAuto®. An upgraded navigation system features TomTom LIVE premium traffic and route optimisation, as well as the inbuilt Online Map Update facility and Chargers Location functionality.

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Comments (9)

  • I won't even consider a Leaf. It's still too expensive and the range is quite low. Plus the CHAdeMO plug is not practical in France.

      1 year ago
    • We see them lurking by all the free rapid chargers around here.

        1 year ago
    • Free rapid chargers? What a chance! In France we have to pay in order to use them (Ionity).

        1 year ago
  • The fate of the Leaf is really an unfortunate example of how Nissan dropped the ball. It could have been a front runner in EVs now, but even the new facelift version is not that different from the original one in a key aspect - it is the only EV of any significance on the market that doesn’t include an active temperature management system in its battery, relying instead on passive cooling. Yet the e-NV200 van that uses the same battery has at least air cooling for its battery. Inexplicable, and inexcusable when all the competition has it.

    Which is why on longer journeys the battery has a tendency to overheat, which in turn forced Nissan to throttle charging speeds to avoid damage. So an already slow 50kWh charging speed might be as low as 20kWh, and a stop that might have been 40 minutes becomes an hour and a half.

    On top of that, the new 64 kWh Leaf costs almost as much as a Tesla Model 3!

      1 year ago
    • I tend to agree with all your points. But also add that they seem to have dropped the EV infrastructure ball here (NZ) too. Locally they have yet to really commit to bringing the Leaf in so consumers are forced to buy used imports.

        1 year ago
  • I know someone

      1 year ago