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Does BMW pay rapper to advertise

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your probably all like WAT but its true BMW was mentioned in alot of songs Rapstar by polo g where it says "Copped a BMW, new deposit, I picked up another bag" More like Copped a Advertisement *hold for laughter* shotta flow 5 by NLE Choppa where it says "whip the pack like Ike and Tina, I just copped me a Bimmer (a Bimmer)" other brands do it too like rolls royce did it in on me by lil baby where it says "Hop out 2020 Cullinan, I'm ridin' in the stars"another BMW one (No link provided) My way by fetty wap where it says "And I'm swerving in my i8 (and I'm swerving in my i8)"

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  • Just because they are mentioned doesn’t mean it’s advertising... I highly doubt bmw would do that

      4 months ago