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Does Bottas Have The Same Car As Lewis?

2021 F1 Championship

8w ago

Only two Grand Prix's left before Bottas says his goodbyes to the team he's been with for five years now. Valtteri gave everything to Mercedes and gave it all to try and challenge Hamilton for the championship but eventually, he let go of the dream and chose a stable future in F1 with Alfa Romeo.

However, looking back at this season we are wondering if Bottas has the same car as Lewis. It's worth noting that Valtteri publicly said that he was asked not to challenge for the championship at the beginning of the season. In other words, Mercedes cut his hopes right at the beginning of the road and justified the decision due to the challenge from Red Bull.

Why would Bottas not have the same car as Lewis?

Well, he might have had the same car right at the beginning of the season and a few upgrades later. But at some point and most likely after knowing Bottas' future, Mercedes probably didn't share certain upgrades with Bottas simply because he is leaving the team at the end of the year. So, in case of Mercedes came up with an engineering breakthrough, why would share it with someone joining a competitor next season? Which is a valid reason.

The car that Lewis was driving at the 2021 Brazil GP was superior to any other car on the grid that day including Bottas'. The boggling speed, handling, and tire wear weren't just a result of a new internal combustion engine at the back of the W12. Mercedes must have tweaked certain parts under the covers and enhanced Lewis' car setup to give him such a boost. And to be fair, when Lewis has such competitive machinery, he brings his A-game to the table.

That being said, would that come back and bite Mercedes at the rear end if they lose the constructors' championship this season? Also, if it is true that Bottas doesn't have the same car as Lewis does this mean the same situation might have happened in previous seasons? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below so we can discuss.

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Comments (4)

  • It’s been common for the lower-performing driver to get the experimental upgrades, and the developed ones to go to the leading driver, regardless of team. I’ve noted elsewhere that I personally think VB’s 5th ICE was a test case so they could figure out what that harmonic problem was, so he ran it for a race then it had a full tear-down. This would have led to the engine LH just got for Brazil. VB did get a new car after George’s off-roading in Italy this year right? Then I remember they switched chassis between VB and LH? So Lewis has the newer chassis, and got the engine upgrade, likely because he’s best able to take advantage of it too. And let’s be real - #8 would be a heck of an achievement.

      1 month ago
  • Yes,because next year it will be a totally different car so he may know nothing about the '22 car but everything about the W12. A couple of GPs and it will be like the W01,just a museum car

      1 month ago
  • I don’t think he does have the same car…. He goes through engines faster than Hector from the fast and the furious 🤗

    From Chanel 4 they never show Lewis and Valtteri top speeds together, Im pretty sceptical 🧐 when they say “race pace” it’s a bit of a cover up for valtteri’s inferior car. Lewis manages to whip through the cars while Valtteri just seems struggle getting through and the note of Lewis’s engine always sound more lively

      1 month ago