Does C stand for Carbon on this amazing Mercedes-AMG C63 S?

It might be the last one...

1y ago

We’ve clearly messed up the environment. And that blunder might soon force us to abandon one of the best creations in automotive history, the V8 engine.

Looking at the rate at which EVs are now being introduced, we might not see many V8s at all getting fabricated in the future. And if that’s the case, the current iteration of AMG-powered Mercedes C Class might be the last C Class to carry one.

As one of my friends regularly says, “If you’re gonna party, party like there’s no tomorrow”, and I believe the owner of this C Class heard that. As you can see, the owner appears to have left no stone unturned to get himself a carbon-heavy tribute to the German compact V8. And boy, does it look wicked!

Carbon fibre, a material five times stronger than steel yet weighing about two-third less, is something auto enthusiasts yearn for. And the owner of this W205-generation Mercedes-AMG C63 S model has decided to equip a significant amount of it, on his car.

We can see modifications like a carbon fibre splitter, carbon fibre side skirts, carbon fibre diffuser and an enlarged lip spoiler being added. The most prominent one sits even lower to the ground than any of those – the wheels. Labelled as the SMR5 Deep Concave, these carbon fibre wheels were developed by Strasse Wheels and measure 19×8.5 at the front and 19×10 at the rear.

Rounding off the look on this 503hp twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 are traditional sporty accents. Red embellishments adorn the inner linings of the front grille, brake callipers and wheel caps.

And clearly, you’ll need deep pockets for any or all of that. While I can’t help you with a cash-laden bank account, I can help you with a space-laden wallet by Mercedes. It’s not all bad here at Drivetribe, right?!

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