- My Senturion key looks fantastic in purple!

Does EVERYONE Have a Mansory Bentayga?!

London seems to have found a new favourite SUV!

4y ago

It's another one of those errand days, heading around London to take the cars to various places and get them cleaned up. With both the Vantage GT8 and Ferrari FF sitting in storage at the moment it meant giving them quick run outs to be cleaned at Posh Wash before going back under cover. Then it was off to Senturion to pick up my new-look Senturion Key that has now been paint match to my McLaren 675LT! The striking thing though, is how many Mansory versions of the Bentley Bentagya I ran into on my way!

Finally back at home, let's take a good look at my 1:18 model car collection that matches the real cars that I've owned and answer one or two questions that I've seen from you guys along the way.

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