Does Iron Man drive a Hyundai Kona?

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6w ago


The Supra becomes colourful, Porsche does something eminently sensible for the Taycan, Formula One might be in trouble, and Hyundai is… Iron Man? Here is a quick news round-up from this week in motoring.

Shine on you crazy Toyota

Spec your Supra in yellow. I DARE you.

Until now we’ve only really seen the A90 Toyota Supra in a limited selection of colours. Red and grey, mostly. No longer. Toyota UK’s Facebook page (if you like all things Toyo, the UK’s social media content game is STRONG, fyi) dropped some shiny new hues for us to spec our imaginary Supras with. There are the usual grey/black/silver/white choices (UK buyers will LOVE them fo sho), as well as brighter ways to get your Supra on. Lightning Yellow is a definite highlight. Yellow cars are best cars.

I am…Iron Kona?

Not pictured: A car Tony Stark would drive

When you think of Iron Man’s garage you get images of high end fast stuff, R8s and the like. You don’t, generally, think of a Hyundai Kona. Yet Hyundai announced the Kona Iron Man Edition this week. Mr Stark’s very own Korean crossover gets a 2WD, 177hp 1.6-litre motor and a seven-speed gearbox. On the looks front you get matte grey paint with red highlights. There’s even an Iron Man helmet graphic on the wheel hubs. For a fiver shy of £28,000 you can show the world how much you love Tony Stark’s Iron Man. It’s worth noting, however, that for a chunk more wedge you can nab yourself a used MK I V8 Audi R8. A car Tony Stark actually drove. Just sayin’.

Oh, and ask a Portuguese friend to say the name of the car. They’ll do a big laugh.

F1 to be sold? Again?

The pinnacle of motorsport. Honest.

Formula One, a sport in which very good drivers pilot cars with wing mirrors worth more than your own, whole car, may be in trouble. According to a report from, current owners Liberty Media may be looking to move on. The reasons stated include failing to attract new sponsors, not getting younger people on board with the sport, and not expanding the calendar. Shame to see it happen, but all of the above could maybe be solved by making it less expensive, and more exciting, to watch.

Porsche Taycan to get free electricity

Free charge? Tag me in.

US Porsche Taycan buyers will be treated to three years free charging thanks to a partnership with Electrify America. A smart move, and one that should be applauded.