Does it bother anyone else!?!

If you make quizzes on DriveTribe, read this post!

Hear ye, hear ye, all quiz-makers! When making a car quiz with numbers as options (like for a car's weight), PLEASE DO NOT use only the metric system! This is very annoying if you are from the USA and don't really know how much 1839kg is. It is just fine to use the metric system, but please please please use standard measure too. I know it's a pain, but on my quizzes, I try to use the metric system, along with the standard. Also, if you are, for example, asking how much a car costs, DO NOT put the answers in only GBP or Euros. That is more than annoying. Here are some examples below in case I am not being clear.

Example 1: 1839kg = 4045lbs

Example 2: 2,100,000 GBP = 2,700,000 USD (approx)

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Comments (13)

  • Why?

    The United States is the only real stronghold of the imperial system in the world to-date. Here, using miles and gallons is the norm, even though scientists do use metric, new units like megabytes and megapixels are metric as well and runners compete for 100 meters like everywhere else in the world. Myanmar and Liberia are the only other countries in the world that haven’t officially adopted the metric system yet. In both countries, metric measurements are used alongside imperial ones. But the countries have said they want to switch over to the metric system or are in the process of doing so. The U.S., as well, has made many grand declarations about metric use in the past, and has even made metric “the preferred system of weight and measure” in 1975 (without officially abandoning the imperial system). Yet, the whole plan never quite caught on

      8 months ago
  • People on here are from a lot of countries. Why should USD get priority? There are people from all over the world represented here and either we all get represented or barely any

      8 months ago
  • Yes this bothers me a lot

    but not in the way you may think

    this post annoys me very much

    You ask us to think about 2 countries who don't use the metric system, while I constantly need a calculator to convert MPH and miles to KPH and kilometres. And when i made 2 memes about it, people thought i was complaining for nothing. Even in articles, everyone uses mph or miles to the gallon. Some users who write in 2 languages, put kph in their own language but in english they use mph.

    And "standard measure" i'm sorry mate, but the metric system is standard, what you use is far from standard. Its forbidden in science to use and the biggest part of the world uses the metric system

    so to say the same as american people said to me

    stop complaining

      8 months ago
  • I am from Russia, where we use metric system, but I watch stuff from other countries, like Top Gear and Grand Tour, where they always use Imperial system and GBP. Well, now I don't need a calculator to turn miles into kilometers, gallons into litres, pounds and stone into kg and vice versa, I can do it all in my head. And that is a good thing, I think of it as a sort of mental workout, it trains my brain to think faster. To be honest, MPG are still a pain in the ass, as we refer to fuel consumption in litres per 100 km, but I'll get there.

    What I am trying to say is stop whining, noone is obliged to meet your expectations man! Adapt, make yourself a better version of you! 😉

      8 months ago
    • I am aware that you are right. However, I am American, and here, everything is about convenience. So, I really don't want to do all that in my head. It's too hard and I'm too lazy.

        8 months ago
  • Haha I’ve been known to use both in the same quiz lol

      7 months ago