Does James May's New Haircut Make Him Look Like Jeremy Clarkson?

1y ago


In all my years of watching Jeremy, James, and Richard on TV, there have always been a few constants regarding each presenter. For James, it was always floral shirts and bright jumpers, a lack of speed, and long hair.

So what am I supposed to think now that James cut his hair super short? It's like I have to re-evaluate my whole life now that James doesn't have his long, luxurious, flowing locks. Two days ago, James dropped this bombshell on us:

As expect, the internet propmtly exploded with some excellent respons:

I will say this: it's wonderful to spend the weekend laughing at these hilarious responses to James' haircut. He looks quite a bit different from what we're used to!


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Comments (25)
  • I would not be surprised if some shampoo producer in England goes bust now....

    1 year ago
  • I hope when the hair grows back, you'll never cut it so short

    Your hair should be guarded and protected, to be a symbol of the Grand Tour :) I Especially I like your style in choosing clothes... I hope that you will keep the love for the bright outfits

    If I get used to the changes, I think you are still beautiful and look good :)

    Is it military style?

    1 year ago


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