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Does Richard Hammond Have a "Worst Car Mod?"

I've got my picks and you have yours, but what are the Hamster's picks?

3y ago

We've all seen some pretty bad car mods in our day, I'm certain. A personal favorite of mine is this one guy that lives in town that drives a minivan lifted on giant 26 inch rims. I'm not sure what the thinking was, but one thing is for sure; he certainly stands out.

A question from a fan on the September 22nd Facebook Q&A asked what's the worst car mod that Richard had ever seen, and the answer was somewhat vague. Richard seemed reluctant to say which was the "worst" mod he'd ever seen because it's a personal thing. Some people like certain things and some don't.

CREDIT: Car Throttle

CREDIT: Car Throttle

Hammond mentioned stancing but then redacted that, saying that it doesn't seem to bother him (I can't stand cars with a crazy camber). After some prodding by James, Hammond still didn't spell out anything specific, stating that there might be things that he wouldn't do to his car, but it wouldn't have been done to his car.

So if Hammond won't spell out specifics, I will. I mentioned crazy stances, and by that, I mean cars that have a camber that makes their wheels almost horizontal. Come one, man. Another is fake badges. I have seen some non M BMWs with an M badge glued on. I know a few Mustang owners with a Cobra badge on a non-Cobra Mustang. Why? Who are you trying to fool?

CREDIT: Car Throttle

CREDIT: Car Throttle

Another one is crazy huge wings, but only in specific situations. I have a friend that has a giant rear wing on his Mustang, but he tracks his car regularly. That's fine since his serves an actual function. I have another friend who shall remain nameless who has the exact giant rear wing on the back of his car, and he has never been within 10 miles of a race in his life. Essentially what he has a giant tack-on wing that serves no purpose other than perhpas giving him a surface to eat lunch off of.

So let's hear it, Nation. I know there are mods out there that drive you nuts, and we want to hear it!




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Comments (5)

  • The worst modification you can perform is installing a Ford badge

      3 years ago
  • The chief problem with aftermarket aerodynamics kits (spoilers, air dams, etc.) is that 1) most of us are not aerospace engineers and 2) without a wind tunnel you have no way to know how it's actually affecting the car's performance. Professional racing teams use all types of telemetry to tune and tweak the aerodynamics of a car, and even they get it wrong (as evidenced when you occasionally see a car achieve flight). So for the average hobbyist, even if you add such an item to your track car for performance reasons, at the end of the day it's likely just for show anyhow.

      3 years ago
  • The 6" plus lift matched with the muffler/flow master downgrade that creates the odd high pitches whine in trucks today. That and coal rolling. If I wanted a layer of soot on my clean car I'd go back in time to Victorian England.

      3 years ago
  • Putting a Chevrolet badge on a Holden.

      3 years ago
  • Adding blat mufflers when nothing has been done to enhance the performance of the car. It's like farting all the time - no one's impressed! 😕

      3 years ago