- Volkswagen Golf - 2019 Match Edition

Does size Matter?

10w ago


My Thoughts.....

Life throws all sorts of problems at us, so worrying about the size of your,,,,, engine, should be the least of our worries!

I've recently opted for a company car which saves me the cost of the insurance repairs and servicing ect. This is perfect as living and working in London is not cheap.

The only down side to this is most company cars I've ever seen are either basic specs or a model you wouldn't want to be seen dead in. so when I took delivery of this 2019 Volkswagen Golf, Match Edition 1.0 litre with just 70 miles on the clock, I was pleasantly surprised. I've now hit 1000 miles and I couldn't be more impressed with the drive experience and fuel efficiency which I will definitely cover in another video or article as its impressive.

Make no mistakes I'm still getting used to complimenting a car with such a small engine! The reality is around town its bloody quick and on the motorway it will get you up to 70mph with out sounding like a dodgy old hair dyer. The look of the car and technology makes up for any lack of horse power, I think this is the key to being content with a small engine. Volkswagen have really knocked this one out of the park with its tinted windows and LED lights as standard! The Apple car play and interior makes the drive to work comfortable and just genuinely a nice lace to be.

The bottom line is for just over £20,000 I don't think I can argue about a smaller engine, especially when money is tight. The executive feel and look of the car reminds me that if someone asks about the size of my engine, just bloody tell them - its more impressive than you think! This experience has made me understand and enjoy other aspects of driving and not just putting your foot down and holding on. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of 1 litres out there that would not be up to scratch but Volkswagen have mastered the everyday car and have proved its not just how fast you can go but how the car actually makes you feel!

I'm going to be filming a full review on my Youtube Channel Shotguncartv so keep an eye out for it.

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