Does speed matter?

In the real world, does a fast car get your anywhere quicker than a far slower car? Well, the answer may not be a simple as you think...

8w ago

You may recall a few years ago on The Grand Tour, an interesting race was dreamt up by James May to illustrate that external factors determine the speed of the car, not the car itself.

However, having a fast car is something practically all car fans want. But in the real world, will it get you to your destination especially quickly?

Obviously, there are other cars, pedestrians, traffic lights that will have an impact on your speed, but what about the car? When someone buys a car in excess of £100K, they generally want to take care of it. So, at least initially, several new owners of these types of cars, go rather cautiously.

Even if these drivers were confident, that wouldn't make much difference. Traffic lights and speed limits apply just as much to Lamborghini drivers as they do to Peugeot drivers.

So, why do people like fast, sporty cars? Well, that's a surprisingly difficult question, as people like cars for different reasons. One of the biggest reasons, is the looks. Many fast cars aren't exactly subtle and usually have a nice interior. Speed will be a factor but once the car is actually used on a public road, speed will become less and less important to the driver.

Anyway, why do you think people like fast cars and does speed matter? Comment your thoughts below!👇

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Comments (2)

  • Compensatory response to their shortcomings? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    For a decent enjoyable drive, the sense of speed instilled tend to induce more fizz than the actual speed achieved does.

      1 month ago
  • For me it isn’t about the speed it’s how quickly I can get to that speed. The thrust of acceleration is the big thrill, particularly when accompanied by a theatrical soundtrack.

      1 month ago