Does the future look bright for the motor industry?

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic which has paralysed the world, including the motor industry, is there any cause for optimism? Well, yes...

20w ago

In order for any industry to survive, change and constant evolution is essential. The motor industry, all of industries should understand that better than most. This industry never seems to stay the same for five minutes and is in a constant state of flux.

Even the most uneconomical brands are changing, Land Rover have started to in recent years, introducing electric and plug-hybrid variations to their range. Bearing in mind, Land Rover was once a by-word for unreliability and poor fuel economy. Land Rovers, particularly over the last ten years or so, have become increasingly lighter. The current Range Rover for example, uses an all aluminium chassis. Further proof, if there was any that Land Rover are constantly finding ways to remove that uneconomical stigma. Is it working? Well, you be the judge of that.

Bentley have arguably never been managed better than they are today. Bentley have in the last few years, really started to improve on luxury. Sure, luxury is really Bentley's USP but there's something in the way in which Bentley have improved in the last five years or so. Luxury is and could always be at the centre of the Bentley way, but in nearly ever other sense Bentley are improving as well. Fuel economy and reliability are two important areas of cars that affect all motorists even the uninterested. Bentleys have possibly never worked more efficiently than they do today.

Cars in the olden days were uncomfortable, unreliable and had poor build quality. Sure, those cars had character and the mistakes made the cars seem interesting and perhaps unique. But in reality, people want cars to work as well as possible. Cars today have never been better build. In many cars today, the build quality is exceptionally good and the interiors are very well crafted. This doesn't just apply to the likes of Rolls Royce and Bentley, so many cars luxury or not, have very nice well designed and comfortable interiors.

Compare a Peugeot from 2010 to a Peugeot made in 2020. Without question, they'll be a whole load of improvements. Compare any car from ten years ago to the equivalent version made today, and there will always be improvements. Cars have not gone backwards, despite what you may hear. Cars and the wider motoring industry is going forward...

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