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Does the Honda Ridgeline deserve more attention?

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  • Yes. As a Unibody design this is not your body of frame heavy duty hoss with a 7.3 Diesel in it. This is intended for someone who has light pickup needs but wants a daily auto as well. The ride here is car like smooth. It is NOT a 'truck' in the classic sense of feel. It is NOT intended to pull your 5th wheel. It IS intended for bags of mulch, cut sheets of plywood and some 2x4's. This is a family vehicle for the burbs. Not a farm truck. It has it's merit and place. The market has room for this vehicle and not many players. Personally I have zero use for a large US pickup. Once had a 78 GMC Sierra Grande heavy half. I needed a "truck". That served the role well. I had a wagon and a coupe at the time. Neither would serve the role. THIS could have replaced two of those vehicles! Not the coupe. Not the coupe (87 M6). The Passat wagon and GMC could have been replaced with this. I would have too were it an option in 2001.

    Just my take. Enjoy.

      9 months ago
    • It can also resist twisting and flexing more because of the more rigid body structure and features a dual-action tailgate and a lockable storage compartment the size of a hot tub under the bed.

        9 months ago
  • For someone who doesn't need the towing and loading capabilities of the big boys, this is a much better overall alternative. A misunderstood pickup imo.

      9 months ago