Does the Perfect Car exist?

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Something which I often get asked, is 'does the perfect car exist?'. This is of course among other things I will admit, such as 'get out my way you idiot' or 'don't urinate there'. But the car question is one I often come back to. The answer is I don't know. This doesn't mean the article is over and I have wasted a minute of your time as there are some great runner ups I would like to discuss.

You may be wondering what that silly car above is. That was deemed the UK's perfect car back in 2017. As you can see, it has the front of an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, the side of an Audi R8 and the rear of a Bentley Bentayga. The idea behind this design was to combine a sense of sportiness, SUVness and daily salooness. As you can see, the result is about as ugly as those made up words I used in the last sentence. It is truly hideous. Even Stevie Wonder would cringe at the sight of this. So, no this isn't it.

However, not all hope is lost as I can think of a few cars which have a strong chance of being the perfect cars. The first one is of course the Porsche 911. Not much else comes close to this car in terms of driving capability, practicality and reliability. They are almost perfect but I'm not sure if they are. To be the perfect car it would need to have more space.

This is when I moved onto the Volkswagen Golf GTI. This car has good performance, looks good, is practical and is also reliable. It suits most families very well. They are also miles cheaper than a Porsche 911. They are great on fuel and if you look at a MK 7.5, they are very nice inside. So, surely this would be the perfect car? No, it isn't. As much as I love the Golf, I just don't think it has everything going for it.

I wanted something bigger, with even more space and something which had a little more presence and could possibly survive a snowy winter. No, I'm not talking about John Prescott but more the Range Rover Vogue. While this may be a very Clarkson car to choose, I think he has a valid point. The Range Rover is a car which can do all the things I have mentioned (maybe not so much the sports element) but most importantly, becomes a part of the family. I couldn't think of a better car to drive to Europe in with the family than one of these.

The only major drawback with these big lumbersome Range Rovers is the cost of it all. It isn't cheap to buy and run a Vogue. They start at around £80,000 and cost a fortune to fill up, which you will be doing a lot of. Believe me, if I had the money to go out and buy one right now, I would but I can't, so I shan't.

This leaves me a little disappointed. Does this mean the perfect car doesn't exist? Or are we going to have to settle for the Alfa R'hate'. I hope not. Maybe the perfect car doesn't exist just yet and maybe it never will. I think it is near impossible to build a car which suits everyone's needs. But judging by current trends, we will end up with a hyper super electric SUV. But I bet that wouldn't be able to do 800km on one charge and cost less than £40,000.

Can you name the perfect car?

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