Does this body kit improve the BMW X7's look?

It's made by a company called Wald and makes the X7 look sportier

7w ago

There is no hiding the fact BMWs today have some massive grilles. This fact has been well-documented over the last year and it doesn't look like they'll shrink any time soon. So, if BMW won't do that, what else can be done to improve the look of its model range?

This is where tuning companies step in. This one is named Wald and it is based in Japan. They have created something to give the X7 a sportier appearance – it's called the Wald Sports Line package.

At the front, Wald has added a new splitter with integrated LED headlights that make the front look more aggressive than before. To complement this, new side skirts have been added to make the car appear even wider than before. the already mammoth X7 even wider. Wald has also given the X7 larger wheels because its 21-inch ones clearly weren't large enough.

As for the rear, this modified X7 features a new rear bumper incorporating a prominent mesh grille and a large diffuser – and tailgate spoiler to complete the look.

In Japan, the Wald Sports Line package is available for X7 M Sport models including the diesel-powered 35d M and the M50i.

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