Does Your City Have the Worst Drivers?

Allstate released its 2019 list of the US cities where you're most likely to crash

2y ago

Each year, Allstate releases a list ranking 200 major US cities from best to worst drivers. It examines these cities on collision frequency, basing that on the number of years between collisions, on average, in that city. The national average is 10.57 years between crashes.

The safest of these large US cities, per the study, is Brownsville, Tennessee. Drivers average 14.95 years between crashes there. However, odds were a bit worse in some other cities.


Oakland, California has drivers go only 6.31 years between crashes on average, 67.7% worse than the national average.


Alexandria, Virginia only has an average of 6.22 years between collisions. That's 69.9% worse than the national average.


Providence, Rhode Island has drivers going just 6.19 years between crashes on average, which is 70.8% worse than the national average.


In Springfield, Massachusetts, drivers average only 5.82 years between crashes. That's 81.7% below the national average.


It's no surprise that Los Angeles is on this list. It's got an average of 5.81 years between collisions on average, exactly 82% higher than the national average.


Here's another California city on this list - Glendale. Drivers there average 5.31 years between crashes, 99% higher than the national average.


Worcester, Massachusetts makes fourth on this list. Drivers average 5.14 years between collisions. That's 105.6% higher than the national average.


Third is Boston, Massachusetts. That's two for the commonwealth in the top five. Drivers there average 4.89 years between crashes, which is 116.5% higher than the national average.


Finishing runner-up is Washington, DC. Drivers only manage 4.36 between collisions on average, which is 142.3% higher than the national average.


Baltimore, Maryland has the worst drivers, according to this Allstate list. There, drivers only average 4.19 years between collisions, putting it a full 152.5% worse than the national average.

How are drivers where you live?

Do you think that your city should be on this list? Was it on the list?

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Comments (33)

  • I must say that Atlanta Ga has its fair share of crap drivers, thank god for the new hands free law.....oh wait nobody follows it!!!

      2 years ago
    • Living in Peachtree City, I can definitely attest to this. It’s not just Atlanta, but surrounding towns and Suburbs as well.

        2 years ago
  • yes without even checking the list yes. Cincinnati OH terrible roads terrible drivers, we are ranked 172nd out of 200 cities in America according to Allstate

      2 years ago
  • Honestly can’t think of a (US) city I’ve driven in without terrible drivers.

      2 years ago
  • Yes. As someone who lived in Baltimore for most of my life, I can say without a doubt that Baltimore has the worst drivers by a mile.

      2 years ago
  • South Florida has to be on this list. People drive like maniacs or slow as shit. Always have their phone's in their faces. There are also some the oddest car accidents that occur in south Florida, and yoy just wonder how they possibly get into them.

      2 years ago