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Does Your State have the Worst Drivers?

Does one state have worse drivers than another, or are drivers equally horrible in all states?

3y ago

I was recently visiting my friends in New Orleans, and one of my friends commented that the drivers in Louisiana were the worst drivers in America, way worse than the drivers in California.

Having lived in Southern California most of my life, you can imagine I’ve seen quite a few bad drivers, and I had to shake my head wondering how that could possibly be true. Another friend that was also visiting thought that the drivers in the Seattle area were the worst drivers, which got fourth friend to comment about the drivers in New Jersey. Thus the greatest debate of our time began… Which state has the worst drivers?

Worst Drivers via Smart Asset

Worst Drivers via Smart Asset

Recently, Derek Miller of Smart Asset published the article, “The States with the Worst Drivers – 2017 Edition.” According to the article, Smart Asset conducts its own research using auto insurance data, DUI rates, vehicle fatality rates, and even parking tickets to compile its list, “Top 10 States with the Worst Drivers.” Here is the list:

1. Florida

2. Mississippi

3. Louisiana

4. Tennessee

5. Oklahoma

6. Texas

7. Nevada

8. California

9. Alabama

10. Georgia

You can find the article from Smart Asset here:

Bad Drivers via RBR Law Firms

Bad Drivers via RBR Law Firms

We found another list, this one from Car Insurance Comparison, which uses data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), to develop its top ten list. Here is its list:

1. Louisiana – tied with Texas

2. Texas – tied with Louisiana

3. South Carolina

4. North Dakota

5. Delaware

6. New Mexico

7. Nevada

8. Alabama - tied with Arizona

9. Arizona – tied with Alabama

10. Montana

You can find the article form Car Insurance Comparison here:

Apparently, the only states that these two lists agree on are Louisiana, Texas, Nevada, and Alabama, which are definitely contenders for the “Worst Drivers” crown.

Roundabout via perspectivebd

Roundabout via perspectivebd

Of note, my friend Larry who helps me out with these articles, commented that Boston has 250,000 college students come to the city every single September, and that if you have never driven a roundabout in Boston, you may not know what bad-driving constitutes… does Boston have the worst drivers?

What do you think Nation? Did they get the list right? Or are they missing a few states? Perhaps some states deserve an honorable mention!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Keep driving my friends!

My thanks to Les and Larry for their help with this article.

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Comments (43)

  • Tennessee is bad driver central. I was more comfortable driving in Florida than I am here.... you need battle armor just to drive on the friggin’ interstate....

      3 years ago
  • Can't believe New Jersey isn't on this list.

      3 years ago
    • I live in PA. When getting insurance they ask if you go to NJ often. If you do your insurance goes up.

        3 years ago
  • I live in Mississippi and the worst drivers here tend to have Louisiana and Florida plates.

      3 years ago
    • Can confirm: also a Mississippian.

        3 years ago
    • Florida...i live in florida and city driving is a bit of a "lets play chicken" exercise... especially further south around west palm....Lived in colorado for a few years - all the florida, louisianna, & cali drivers can tell right away...

      Read more
        3 years ago
  • All you Americans, You have got everything you could possibly need. Still you whine about small things.."He is the worst driver in the world cause he didn't indicate when turning".Come To India.... Why don't you? And we'll show you terrible drivers.

      3 years ago
  • Lol u guys are complaining about bad drivers XD. Come to india and witness pure, distilled autism.

      3 years ago