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Does Your State Have The Worst Roads In America?

The roads you know may be bad, but others might have it worse...

2y ago

If you live in the States, you might have noticed your roads getting worse. You might be swerving more potholes, or your local auto repair garage might be sucking out more of your money. It’s true, the US’ roads are deteriorating quickly.

A 2017 report by the American Society of Civil Engineers laid bare the poor condition of your local blacktop. A third of urban roads and 14% of minor, more rural routes were broken, distressed or in need of repair. That’s despite road repairs costing north of $400 million across the country. The whole road network was given a report, like you’d get on a school assignment, and it failed. The Civil Engineers awarded it a D rating.

We’re able to see which state has the worst roads thanks to lvl5, a company that builds maps for autonomous cars. Over 15 million photos were taken by the cellphones of Uber and Lyft drivers as they were driving, naming and shaming the worst bits of American asphalt. lvl5 took four different metrics into account when deciding which roads needed thorough upgrading – potholes, surface flatness, if the road paint was faded and the condition of the sidewalk. View their whole report here.

Florida, Hawaii and Washington state have the best roads in the US, but you’re more interested in the worst roads, aren’t you?

3. Indiana

2. Iowa

1. Michigan

What do you think?

Seems sad that the home of the automobile has the unwanted crown of America’s worst roads. Is there a particularly bad bit of road near you? Let me know in the comments.

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