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Dolomites Tour 2020

Finally we were allowed to go on our yearly alps tour. This time we tried something different.

In the last couple of years we did more like a roadtrip and went to different hotels on our route. This year we wanted to try something different, we stayed in one hotel for our entire trip. We choose the Dolomites this time. Because it is not to far to drive there and due the pandemic it was a pretty safe place to stay during our trip at this time. Our hotel was pretty central, so we could drive everywhere in a daytrip.

View from the hotel

View from the hotel

With one hotel as our "base" we had a lot more time in our hands and could search for more photospots and new roads. I tracked all our driving with an app, so I can give you all the nerdy details.

First day was straight driving from home to the hotel. We arrived in the dark due some traffic jams and blocked roads which meant a lot of detours ... so we had to drove over the Timmelsjoch, a lot of fun to pay 17 Euro toll per car.

Stats Day 1: Travel time 09:26 Hours | Distanz 626 km | Averagespeed 66,4 km/h | Climp 7.920 m | Descend 6.240 m

Day two, I called the route for this Day "15 pass tour". So fifteen alpine passes are on our agenda this day. A lot of them we already knew them but there a good ones. But the Italiens have limited the speedlimit to 60kph one a few of them. And we didn't find any new photospots which were worth it... we have too high standards for our locations. We took on photo, because we stopped for a break due of the traffic.

Grödner Joch

Grödner Joch

Sellajoch, Grödnerjoch are not much fun anymore with the speed limit down to 60kph and still there are other cars which drive much slower than that. After a few more hours of driving over the Valparolapass and Falzaregopass we were on the Passo Giau. This one you are allowed to drive faster than 60kph, we pushed some motorbikes until they let us overtake and we enjoyed our cars again. Maybe at this point we should mentioned, we fitted our cars with the Limited Slip Differential from BMW Performance. The cars are transformed with this mod, you have a ton of mechanical grip. Awesome to finally test this on a mountainpass with some pace. Again no good photospot in sight. Only one landcape...

Passo Giau

Passo Giau

After more driving and no more photos we hit some closed roads and add to improvise and find a new way back to the hotel. At the end of the Day we didn't drove fifteen passes but it doesn't matter, still was some fun parts. In the evening we went for a test on rolling shots with my old action cam. Nothing special. We didn't want to put our DSLM gear at the rear of the car...

Stats Day 2: Travel time 07:50 Hours | Distanz 361 km | Averagespeed 46,1 km/h | Climp 11.830 m | Descend 11.890 m

Day three, we went to the lake Garda, we never been there with these cars and we wanted to check out the "Strada della Forra". This one is pretty hyped on the internet. But before we started with the route we tried some sunrise pictures near our hotel before breakfast. Didn't work out as we planned.

After the breakfast we went for the lake Garda. We arrived around noon, the drive to the lake was ok, nothing special to mention. We reached the Strada della Forra and stopped on it for a break, pretty nice view.

The Strada della Forra is overhyped like the Stelvio. The drive is very short, like 5 minutes. Then you're done and it was too busy. Anyway, we drove on towards the north and back to our hotel. Maybe there is more around the lake Garda which is worth it. There is too much transfer roads which are too boring. At our way back to the hotel we stopped again at the spot like this morning. There was a nice rainbow, some dark rainy clouds with some sunlight.

Stats Day 3: Travel time 08:34 Hours | Distanz 429 km | Averagespeed 50,1 km/h | Climp 10.820 m | Descend 10.860 m

On day four our goal was to drive to the "Drei Zinnen". Again over the Sella- and Grödnerjoch with 60kph and some transfer roads until we reached the road towards the "Drei Zinnen". But the last few kilometeres were again a toll road. 30 Euro per car. Yeah, I don't think so. We turned around, parked at the side of the road and took there some pictures.

Further down the road we stopped to laugh about the expensive toll road... and took some photos.

We moved on. Again over the Passo Giau, still awesome. Low traffic so we could push the cars a little bit more. The LSD works like a charm. We pushed on to the lake Fedaia. Last year there was a lot of more snow, nice to see it with less snow this time.

Two cars

Two cars

We had some time left before dinner in the hotel and decided to drive another loop ober the Sellajoch, Grödnerjoch, Campolongopass, Pordoijoch. Good fun with low traffic, even with the 60kph speed limit.

Stats Day 4: Travel time 07:51 Hours | Distanz 369 km | Averagespeed 47,0 km/h | Climp 11.070 m | Descend 11.120 m

The plan for day five was to drive into the Ultental but on our first stop we noticed some problems with the front tires of the M140i, we saw some white tissues on the tire flanks. Not good. We decided to drive slowly back to the hotel, to ditch the M140i for the rest of the day. We drove with the M235i to the Karerlake and did some sightseeing instead of driving.

Stats Day 5: Travel time 06:26 Hours | Distanz 306 km | Averagespeed 47,5 km/h | Climp 8.420 m | Descend 8.480 m

Day 6 was our drive home. We drove very slow because of the tire. We don't want to get stuck on the side of the road with a flat or broken tire. So the drive home took some time and the traffic didn't help...

I did a little detour and met some old friend and we did a little drive through the German countryside before I went home ...

Stats Day 6: Travel time 11:54 Hours | Distanz 837 km | Averagespeed 70,3 km/h | Climp 7.000 m | Descend 8.820 m

Stats of the Trip on the M235i

Stats of the Trip on the M235i

After all it was a fun tour. We were happy to do it at all this year. We didn't took so nice photos but after all it was a good week. The new tactic with the one hotel as a "base" worked pretty good. We saved a ton of time with loading/unloading the car with our stuff each day. I think we will do that more often if we are allowed to travel abroad in the near future ...

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