Don Schumacher Racing is on the road again with PressurePro

An added layer of protection for everyone involved

38w ago

This morning the DSR fleet of 18 big rigs left Brownsburg, Indiana for the 881 mile trip to Florida for the Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals. This is the first time since the NHRA restart that there has been a race outside of Indianapolis and Schumacher made sure his trucks were equipped with the best system possible.

Following a trailer fire earlier this year where road debris punctured a trailer tire, Don wanted to find something that would help prevent anything like this from happening in the future. That's when the team was introduced to PressurePro. A family owned organization committed to revolutionizing tire performance management. DSR hospitality and fleet manager Beth Hyatt had this to say, "We were introduced to PressurePro, and after meeting with them and learning of their innovative TPMS solutions, we knew this was a fantastic partnership opportunity for us. Safety is always our No. 1 priority at DSR, and knowing we now have an added layer of protection is important to all of us.”

During the NHRA shutdown all DSR trucks and trailers were equipped with PressurePro's PULSE displays and Dynamic Sensors, providing a complete Tire Performance Management Solution that delivers accurate and continuous tire performance data, adding an extra level of safety and savings to travel and operations. The system alerts drivers and their co-pilots to any tire fluctuations, and will indicate when it’s necessary to stop and make adjustments to tire pressure, helping to avoid blowouts, fires, and reduce wear and tear.

DSR's fleet features 14 rolling race trucks that are essentially rolling race shops that are used to transport race car chassis, bodies all necessary parts, pieces and tools as well as crew chief lounges. The four non race trucks that travel with the team consist of two trucks that house DSR on sight lounges and offices, one truck that is a giant walk in refrigerator and another truck and trailer that is a fully decked out kitchen used by the DSR executive chef and his sous chef's to feed DSR staff, hospitality guests and several rival race teams.

“This will be the first time since installing PressurePro that our teams will travel more than the two miles it takes to get from our race shop to the Indy track and back,” said Hyatt. “During a ‘normal’ season, our trucks will travel about 35,000 miles on average. Traveling coast-to-coast for 24 events per year, we put a lot of hours and a lot of miles on these trucks and need to make sure we’re keeping them in tip-top shape. This new partnership with PressurePro is one more way we can do that.”

PressurePro COO Vanessa Hargrave had good things to say about the partnership as well, "We're excited to partner with DSR to add Tire Performance Management to their rigs. Don and his team have a world class organization, and understand more than most, the significance that proper tire maintenance has not just on your efficiencies while traveling, but to the safety of your drivers, equipment and others on the road. We’re proud to have been chosen to provide this critical tool for the DSR team.

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