- Doonkervoort EVx by One One Lab

Donkervoort EVx the Vision of One One Lab

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The Donkervoort EVx by One One Lab

In an effort to envision the close future of an iconic dutch supercar and to help develop future designers, One One Lab (www.oneonelab.com) a European transportation design studio, originated in Turin, Italy and with headquarters in Lodz, Poland got in touch with Donkervoort (www.donkervoort.com) a dutch supercar manufacturer.
 One One Lab and Donkervoort offered to rookie design students from MAD Academy in Mexico City the opportunity to witness, study and understand the design process of professional designers.

Donkervoort EVx by One One Lab

Donkervoort provided a hypothetical brief, the task was to envision an EV Donkervoort. One One Lab Design team made the design process visible to MAD Academy Students so they would have a better understanding of the process of designing a concept car.
 One One Lab delivered 5 concepts to Donkervoort, from those, three where chosen for further development until it was narrowed down to a final concept.

Donkervoort EVx by One One Lab

The main goal of One One Lab was to create a vehicle that keeps untouched the soul of Donkervoort cars.
 The EVx is a fully electric future vision of Donkervoort. 
The very characteristic layout gave them many possibilities but always keeping in mind that it still has to be an extraordinary track car they did not want to push the border too far. Realism was very important but so it was the study of surfaces and details.

Donkervoort EVx by One One Lab

Keeping the recognisable and traditional wheels separated from the body was one of the biggest challenges however the team managed to incorporate both elements in a fluid and aesthetically pleasing way. 
A removable hard top changes the user experience by giving a more traditional open air Donkervoort.
 Not having an internal combustion engine made possible to have a seating position more similar to an F1 car and creating an empty space under the hood as if the front part was hoovering.
 Even if it is just how they envision it, it should be understandable and make people believe that it could be the next step and what they see right now is just a glimpse of an upcoming future.

One One Lab kept in touch with the Donkevoort team, to make sure their vision was in tune to their general philosophy and could bring an acceptable evolution.
 ¨"As a design studio we are always looking for beautiful sculptures that pull out the emotions from the bottom of your heart but also we are aware that Donkervoort have faithful fans whom should feel that is still a Donkervoort" as said by the designers from One One Lab "
Donkervoort EVx Vision is the interpretation of the legend seen through our eyes."

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