Donkey eats McLaren 650S Spider - causes £5,000 worth of damage

McLaren meets donkey

3y ago

Vitus. A harmless donkey who minds his own business, just casually grazing the fields of Germany who just so happens has an appetite for orange McLarens.

Markus Zahn, a German businessman parked his bright orange McLaren 650S Spider next to a paddock in Vogelsberg, Germany only to find when he returned that an unsuspecting donkey had taken a shine to his car and tried to eat it. We assume the large orange object could be confused for a massive carrot in a donkeys eyes.

Unfortunately it managed to cause £5,000 worth of damage which the donkey's owner has now been taken to court over. Various arguments about why he parked there and whose fault it is has sparked a long term investigation which has finally been resolved with the final verdict being that Markus is to be reimbursed by the owner of Vitus.

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