Don't be strict when planing out your garage, the journey is part of the fun.

When I decided to add a couple of motorcycles to the garage I thought I knew what I wanted. Ended up completely different and that is perfectly fine.

About two years ago I decided to scratch a very specific motorcycle itch. I was going to buy a Bimota. Over the years a couple of rare special framed bikes had come and gone, but I always wanted a Bimota. The garage already had a couple of Hondas and Ducatis, I wanted something more exotic.

I am sure that many of you can relate to becoming hyper focused on a certain vehicle. You spend hours researching to learn what model you want. This then turns to understanding the what to look out for so you get the best example you can. Finally the obsession becomes actually finding the one you want, within what ever budget constrains you have. Sometimes there can even be a wildcard of wanting to find a "deal". Not talking about just finding someone to take a random low ball offer. I am talking about finding value in the market. Would it not have been great to be looking to add an air cooled 911 or NSX to the garage a number of years ago. Not so much now as prices have hit the stratosphere.

Bimota YB6. Powered by a Yamaha 1000cc four cylinder.

Bimota YB6. Powered by a Yamaha 1000cc four cylinder.

For my search I was targeting an '80s Bimota. I had owned a number of '50s-70s bikes, but always looked at the '80s as "just old". That has a tendency to change as time marches on. This era is rapidly becoming the new collectible. The rise of events like RadWood have spurred this on. Coming off the heels of the Boston RadWood I knew I wanted something to participate with.

What could be more '80s then a motorcycle with two round headlights and slab side fairings? The YB series of Bimota was it for me. The perfect combination of classic looks, and modern usability. They were basically period race bikes for the road. Crazy expensive when new, space age materials, all around exotic.

The search started, but did not yield much.

Then I stumbled across an SB6R. It ticked a lot of boxes for me. I had originally excluded this era from my search as it was more of a '90s vibe. Even after writing that, it sounds funny. Why reject something that is right in front of you for something like that? So what I had planed to do something more '80s?

I am glad I pulled the trigger on the bike. It has been great. There is a thriving community of '90s motorcycle enthusiasts, and the bike is welcome at RadWood events.

Few months latter another Bimota found it's way to the garage, an SB8R. Funny part of this journey now we have crossed a line into the '00s.

While my story revolves around motorcycles, it could have easily been about someone looking for a old Land Rover, but ends up in a jeep. Or someone that had a Viper poster on their wall, but bought a Prowler.

Maybe one day I will stumble across something to scratch that '80s itch, or maybe not. The point is that there is plenty of fun to be had outside of a narrow path of desire. Widen the search, explore options, and most importantly enjoy the journey.

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