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Don’t do it for the politically correct…

As more academies are now opening up to female drivers, here is my view on the matter…

6w ago

In the last couple of days, the theme of representation in motorsport was really emphasized as it looks like in 2021 many opportunities for women in motorsport are (finally) being created.

Some reports believe Renault Sport Academy is set to announce a new female driver in its lineup, along with three other new young promises. Meanwhile, in Maranello the final stage of the FIA Girls on Track- Rising Stars is taking place. Only one of the four finalists (Julia Ayoub, Antonella Bassani, Doriane Pin and Maya Weug) will be chosen at last to become part of the Ferrari Driver Academy.

The four finalists of the FIA Girls on track - Raising Stars in Maranello

The four finalists of the FIA Girls on track - Raising Stars in Maranello

Even though the Williams Driver Academy welcomed Jamie Chadwick already back in 2019, it was still incredibly emotional seeing talented girls standing in front of the Ferrari Gestione Sportiva and wearing the Prancing Horse.

These girls will remain in the history of sport, but they will also have a big impact for woman representation in motorsport as many little girls will feel inspired and accepted by some of the most important teams in Formula One.

Furthermore, the W Series was previously announced as a support race to Formula One in 2021, giving more possibilities to showcase female talent in front of the F1 teams and increasing chances to be accepted into the young drivers' programs or to reach the main category.

2019 W Series Champion Jamie Chadwick

2019 W Series Champion Jamie Chadwick

Representation matters and these are all big steps on the path of equality, but they can’t be void. If F1 academies decide to welcome girls, they mustn’t do it just for the politically correct. Teams need to really support their talent, careers and chances of making it to Formula One in the future, fully understanding the difficulties women will have to face.

As I am sure Formula One teams will be able to overcome this challenge and sustain diversity in the pinnacle of motorsport, the future is bright and I can’t wait to witness it.

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  • When you do it for the sake of political correctness and good PR instead of talent...

    You get Danica Patrick 😬

      1 month ago
  • Completely agree, we've already had female 'representation' in the paddock (Carmen Jordá anyone?) - let's hope that this time around that both the existing and new talent is given the appropriate support to develop and progress

      1 month ago