- Mercedes puppet show.

Don’t do it George!!

Hopefully George concentrates on his own F1 career

10w ago

Hope george’s legal team argue with Mercedes on the conditions that Mercedes may try and put in place that favour Lewis.

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  • George will focus on his own races

      2 months ago
    • As nice and calm George is he has got a little feisty side, hopefully he goes for the wins

        2 months ago
  • Scenario 1: It's gloves off ... Lewis vs George, fair game from day one ... wheel to wheel races with team crashes, curse words, Netflix being all in their faces with their camera crew and RBR and McLaren enjoying some nice popcorn.

    Scenario 2: George will play nice and act like a good wingman much like Valtteri for 1st season til he gets a nice place in the team and gets to know who is who. Toto is happy and team is all good and dandy. But in the 2nd season and after George has had a long time to think wtf just happened to him last season ( while constantly playing in his head the repeated team radios through the season: George, it's James.... ) and the media asking if he is capable of competing Then comes 2nd season where he will have to prove everyone how good he actually is ... Now you can go back to Scenario 1 again 😂

      2 months ago
    • 😂😂😂 that’s actually so true about Netflix being the mixers

      I’m hoping George puts Under extra pressure

        2 months ago