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The Boxster may be the best first Porsche or 911 friend ... Sorry Porsche I was wrong.

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As some of you may know, I own a Porsche 911. It's not the new hi-tech 7th generation 991 but the one before, the 997. The Porsche 997 is a great 911, and having a YouTube channel I receive many questions about my car. The thing is a lot of people want one and are waiting until they can afford their dream car. Maybe the fun can be had a lot sooner and you do not have wait.

The thing is there is another Porsche which drives well and well, is still a Porsche. That is the Boxster. The Boxster I referring to is the 986 Boxster, one from say 1999-2004. The ideal specification would be manual the standard 2.7 litre engine for reliability, so not the S variant. Find one with low kms, preferably under 80, 000 kms and you have a future Porsche classic.

Porsche Boxter 986 (Image Porsche AG)

Porsche Boxter 986 (Image Porsche AG)

With any car that is over 14 years old you will have to invest some money. But the cost of the Boxster is still low in most markets, so factor these maintainance costs into your purchase budget. Also, invest in a proper Porsche Pre-purchase Inspection (PPI) before handing over your cash. Not only will this help your negotiation with the seller, but you will also know what needs to be done.

I was wrong Porsche

In my last video I chatted about a car to complement the Porsche 997. I talked about cars that were out of reach to most of us, I guess it was about your perfect garage. It's not easy to buy your dream car, but sometimes bargains can be overlooked. That is the case with the Porsche Boxster.

Future classic or Club car

Porsche UK, has recently restored a few Boxster's through their classic division and they look fantastic. This is an early indication to start looking at Boxster's now. Porsche sold a lot of Boxsters, but it will be harder to find a good example at the right price.

Not to mention if you want a cheap track car that you don't have to worry too much about the Boxster could be the ideal track or Porsche Club car. Join your local Porsche club, enter events and have some fun. That is what I am thinking.

Porsche 986 Boxster restored by Porsche's classic UK (Image Porsche)

Porsche 986 Boxster restored by Porsche's classic UK (Image Porsche)

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