Don't Forget to Vote for Clarkson in the 2020 DT Elections!

With the DT elections coming up tomorrow, November 3rd, make sure you know who you're voting for.

11w ago

As you all know, the 2020 DriveTribe Elections are coming up starting tomorrow, November 3rd. They'll continue until November 5th. Over the past few weeks, the campaign managers for the respective Clarkson, Hammond, and May teams have been posting content encouraging you to vote for their candidate.

Since our very own beloved Jeremy Clarkson was born, he's been advocating petrol and everything to do with internal combustion. If, like him, you are an evangelist of petrol, you'll be wanting to vote for him in the upcoming election. If you want more Alfa Romeo tribes on DT, less cycle lanes, no more murdering of prostitutes by lorry drivers, and no more government incentives to buy EVs, you'll be sure to vote for Clarkson.

So, with the election just around the corner, make sure you vote for Clarkson if you want DriveTribe and the petrolhead community to be a better place.

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