Don’t Like Breaking Down? Buy One Of These Family Cars

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The whole point of a car is to get you to your destination, right? You don’t want to have to treat your family to an impromptu hard-shoulder picnic, so reliability will probably be towards the top of your shopping list. Reliable cars offer invaluable peace of mind, and motoring magazine WhatCar? has compiled its latest list of the best models you can buy to keep you on the road.

Japanese and Korean cars always tend to do really well on reliability charts, and this year’s no different. This list also features a fair few spinoffs of the VW Golf, which is testament of the VW Group’s engineering. That said, it also shows that the Golf may no longer be the default choice – it was beaten by the Audi A3, Skoda Octavia and SEAT Leon into joint 11th place.

It’s actually the last-generation Hyundai i30 that tops this list – the new one is probably too, er, new. But it shows that it shouldn’t be discounted if you’re after a car that won’t eat all your spending money in garage bills. The only reported faults were regarding the clutch and gearbox, but these were both fixed in good time and under Hyundai’s impressive seven-year warranty.

Just under that was the Audi A3 diesel, but most of the reported problems were with non-essential electrics and bodywork niggles. WhatCar? readers were delighted with Audi’s service, as all cars were in and out of the garage on the same day. The Skoda Octavia diesel, in third place, was slightly more reliable than equivalent petrol models.

If you’re looking for a reliable car, you might hesitate before buying a Peugeot 308, Nissan Pulsar or the outgoing Mercedes A-Class. Almost half of 308 and Pulsar owners had problems with their cars – again, mostly electric-related – but that’s still seriously high! Many Pulsars spent a week or more off the road, which might be why you don’t see many…


1 Hyundai i30 (2012-2017) - 98.9%

2 Audi A3 diesel (2013-present) - 98.4%

3 Skoda Octavia diesel (2013-present) - 97.3%

=4 Seat Leon petrol (2013-present) - 97.2%

=4 Mazda 3 petrol (2014-present) - 97.2%

6 Kia Ceed (2012-present) - 96.3%

7 Honda Civic petrol (2012-2017) - 95.8%

8 Ford Focus petrol (2011-present) - 95.7%

9 Skoda Octavia petrol (2013-present) - 95.5%

10 Skoda Rapid (2014-present) - 95.3%

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  • My dad's i30 1.4 Crdi is in the dealer's shop for 3 months and they can't fix it... The issue is that the car cuts power when you ask for it - like in a overtake or uphill - anyone has any ideas? ECU has been replaced, injectors have been checked, fuel line is fine, turbo is working... The car has only 6 years.... :| must be haunted or something, just hope my i20 doesn't follow it...

    1 year ago
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