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Doodle of the day: 1924 Renault NN Berline seen this weekend at @bicesterheritage - I never used to be into vintage and classic cars when growing up - its was always modern cars, design concepts, sports cars and supercars. I thought old cars too noisy, too crude, too unreliable. Then I had a ride in a classic and everything changed - over time classics and vintage cars became much more part of my passion. As I grew up I learned to appreciate all those things I had not understood, learned to value their craftsmanship, their character, their history, and they have shown me surprises over the years. Now it’s classics and vintage cars before moderns in my preference. Sometimes when it comes to people, we are quick to judge - especially those who are different - if we are really honest it’s easy to look down on others we might seemingly have little in common with. Sometimes we judge them on their background, their social status, their bank account, their ‘popularity’ or ‘street cred’. Just think of the judgements we might make as somewhere as everyday as the school gates at pick up time. How we can even judge people by their children. All of us are prone to it - all of us could do with a wake up call. Prayers that today we will be slow to judge, quick to welcome - because we may just be surprised at how amazing and worthwhile those people are that we otherwise write off. Let’s be humble enough to have our minds, our attitudes, our prejudices challenged. #blessings #scribblingvicar

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