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Doodle of the day: Alpine do small and light so well - so why not smaller and lighter still.... so many cars are large, heavy, complex, over stuffed with features that in reality we don’t need. Drive an old car, or a basic small car and you come to see that what’s important is stop, go, turn, and maybe staying dry. When it comes to driving and travelling many of those extras make little difference - some even get in the way and cause distraction (touchscreens anyone?). We need to travel light, so best get on with real driving. The season of lent is upon us, a season where Jesus-followers remember what’s important, where we focus on preparing for Easter. In the rush of life, in the endless filling it with ‘stuff’ - we are challenged to leave things aside, to think about what’s important, to remember what life is really about - and even that so much of what we have will one day pass away - so best get on with the real living. In a season marked by giving things up - let’s give up anger, unkindness, jealousy, selfish motives, the judging of others - and instead travel light on the things that really matter - stopping to listen and care, going the extra mile for our neighbour, and turning away from the things that stop us living this kind of life. #blessings #scribblingvicar

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