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Doodle of the day: I was privileged to spend time with the team and owner of The Red Rocket in the St Mary’s Trophy at @goodwoodrevival - to see the car and the team work so hard was incredible. The car had even been blessed and prayed over. It was flying and Dickie Meaden was driving the doors off it in the hope of winning the trophy a second time. So imagine their frustration and disappointment when the car had to be retired after gearbox selector issues. I really felt for them. So much hope and hard work ending halfway through the race. Had God failed them? No I don’t think so at all - my prayer was that the drivers would be safe. Sometimes life brings disappointment- does that mean God doesn’t care, or doesn’t exist? Is prayer in vain? Only if you go into it with a fixed idea of what God should do in a situation. My experience, and that of others, is that God does answer prayer, just not always in the way we expect. Prayer is not a shopping list to the divine - it’s a 2 way conversation - carried out in the good and crappy times of life. It’s a trust that somewhere, even in the shittiest bits - God is there. The world is not a perfect place, and I don’t think that things always happen for a reason, but I know God brings beauty out of brokenness - somehow. That’s his way - it’s always been his way. My own story is testament to that. Prayers for all who are feeling disappointed, who feel alone, ignored or forgotten. May you know that you have one who will never leave you, who hears your cries, who is the bringer of hope. #blessings #scribblingvicar

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