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Doodle of the day: in one sense I don’t envy the designers of the new Land Rover Defender. It’s a car which has huge expectation thrust upon it - the old one was loved by so many - all with their own ideas as to what it should be like - and I imagine there were voices who just wanted it to ‘be like the current one’. But times change - and the new car has to fit within its context not that of the original from 1948. It must have been an exciting but also unnerving day when the new Defender project began. We start today on our first working week in our new house - Mrs Revs starts her new role as Vicar. It’s all change and we are both excited and a little nervous. And it’s new for the community here too - it would be understandable for us to wish it were like the last place we lived in, easy for them to wish we were like the last Vicarage family. Instead they have been very welcoming, and we are learning the delights of exploring somewhere new. Newness need not always be threatening - sometimes it can be empowering, exciting, a chance to grow, and I believe a time to see God work in new ways. Prayers for all who are starting something new this week, be it a new job, new relationship, a new chapter in their life, a new way of thinking, a move to somewhere new. May you know peace, and may it be a time of excitement and growth. #landrover #landroverdefender #newdefender

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