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Doodle of the day - Nativity doodles 4 - escape and exile - no time for over complicated SUV’s - the escape of Mary, Joseph and their baby from King Herod needs rugged, cheap, and dependable. A Renault 4 (the battered spec) is the choice. Imagine - escaping for your life, being the subject of persecution, leaving your land and family to find a safe place. The fear, the panic, the loss and grief. In our culture we don’t know what that really feels like - but there are many from other lands who do, many seeking refuge, home, somewhere safe. Just this last few months we have seen how desperate some people can be, risking (and in one high profile case, suffering) death simply for a chance to escape. This is not about ‘sponging off a state’ - it’s about the very real journey of desperation. Prayers for all who face that need to escape, to move from homes and families simply for a chance to live. May we open to the strangers on our doorsteps. #2019nativitydoodles #renault4 #refugees #blessings #scribblingvicar

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  • I like that, looks good!

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